3Bays GSA Pro Swing Analyser Review

It just so happens that right now I am attempting to correct some faults in my golf swing and have had a few good lessons from a local pro. But I don’t have the time or money to see a pro on a consistent basis so I recently began looking at golf swing analysers. I wanted something that would give me intelligent and useful feedback on my swing to help me work on some key things for those long periods between seeing a pro. Starting with a Google search I found a fairly good number of possible products.

Because our market in New Zealand is too small for anyone to stock these products where you can physically try them my only option is to take the plunge and buy. I did some research and read what opinions I could find on the products as well as compare their features. In the end I settled on buying the 3 Bays GSA Pro for iOs.

It took less than a week to arrive and I was nicely surprised by the packaging of the product itself which was funky and well thought out. I got that same cool feeling you get when you open an Apple product.

3Bays package

Contained within the slim sleeve box was the sensor which fits into the top of your clubs grip, power charger, installation and setup instructions and a nice leather case for the sensor. It immediately gave an impression of a well made product.

3Bays GSA1The sensor is compact and once inserted into the top of the grip, the arrow aligned with the centre of the grip and the device paired with your smartphone it’s a case of booting up your 3Bays app and you are ready to go. One of the things that attracted me to this device was the ability for it to work when practicing without hitting golf balls. To get a feel for how the device and app work I did some swings in he backyard before hitting the range proper a few days later.

The key things I found in using this device are:

          it is easy to swap the device between clubs, but you must make sure you change the club within the app before you swing to ensure the data is mapped correctly

          you can save your good swings and delete the swings you do not want to keep with swings saved under day and month format

          you can choose your measurement metrics (mph, yds etc)

          it measure swing path, face angle, clubhead speed, ball speed, tempo, backswing and downswing time, carry distance, impact force, consistency

          I found the measurements to be accurate particularly for club head speed and carry, but if you are not hitting balls while using this you should rely on the path and angle measurements only, as I found the speed measurements to be well down vs when I was hitting balls at the range.

3Bays GSA2

This is not a “one stop shop” for your golf swing but it is very close. The graphic representation of your swing is nice from both angles but you must view it from a club path point of view only. I sometimes have a tendency to dip up and down when swinging badly and the graphic will not show this. So visualisations of this sort of thing from a pro or video will not be captured by this device but that is ok as I can get that feedback from ball flight.

I am thoroughly impressed with the device and application. I feel like I can take this to the range and get reliable feedback on my swing. Sure you can tell when you have hit a good shot or not by ball flight, but to actually know whether the swing path was outside or the face angle was open can point to a potential flaw that was not apparent to you. It can also help build consistency in your swing. I think this is going to help me a lot and ensure my infrequent visits to the pro are a step forward rather than going back to correct old habits that have crept in again.

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